Blended Learning Institute

Preparing teachers to lead 21st century classrooms

In the Blended Learning Institute (BLI), teachers learn how to to tap the potential of technology to meet students’ individual needs, skill levels and interests.

BLI provides a critical pipeline of teachers who are highly-trained in blended learning. We help teachers combine traditional instruction with the use of technology.  BLI classes include math, science, and computer science teachers.

BLI teachers ultimately develop a blended learning model for their own classroom that meets the needs, strengths and motivations of each of their students.   At the end of the two-year program, teachers receive a certificate in blended learning from Pace University.

Computer Science Track


BLI has joined forces with, the leader of a national movement to increase computer science education across the country.   We’ll use the nationally-recognized Exploring Computer Science curriculum to prepare more teachers for a blended learning environment.  With, we hope to increase teacher expertise so that every student has the opportunity to learn computer programming.

Learn more about Exploring Computer Science.