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Innovate NYC Schools brings edtech and educator communities together to solve education’s most pressing challenges.

With the support of Innovate NYC Schools, educators and startups gain a new understanding of each others’ work.

Educators learn about products that can help them solve real challenges. And edtech professionals learn how to support the education community.

We think when startups partner with educators, the best edtech tools are created.

School Choice Design Challenge

Every year, nearly 80,000 eighth-grade students apply to New York City’s 400 high schools. This process can be pretty grueling, but luckily it’s about to get a lot easier--thanks to iZone’s School Choice Design Competition (SCDC).


Technology companies competed to design user-friendly tools for families navigating the high school choice process.

We interviewed parents, students, and school staff to learn more about the traditional process, and then we chose edtech companies to develop new apps for families.

The winning apps will be available through 2014.  Now, instead of searching through a nearly 600-page admissions guidebook, families can get the high school information they want--like college enrollment rates, or school environment--more easily and quickly. Learn more about how technology startups can work with iZone to build new education apps and software.