About the Office of Innovation

Inspiring innovation in NYC public education

What We Do

Now and in generations past, education has been our nation’s foundation for opportunity. But today’s education system requires transformation if we want to prepare students for success in a globally-connected world. To thrive, our students need to be engaged in learning that is relevant to their lives, and allows them to master the skills of tomorrow.

The iZone harnesses today’s resources to design school around the unique strengths, interests and needs of each student. We believe in expanding learning opportunities beyond the classroom walls and the dismissal bell. And we provide teachers with the resources and flexibility to support each of their students in developing the skills required for college and career success.

With Schools

We design and test new learning models, and supply them with know-how and tools that bring promising models to scale.

With the edtech market

We get better tools in the hands of teachers and students by connecting startups and developers directly with educators.

Within the NYC Dept. of Education

We build capacity for innovation and remove barriers that inhibit promising new models.


In 2010, the NYC Department of Education established the iZone, an office dedicated to supporting a community of schools in personalizing learning environments to accelerate college and career readiness for students.

We are the nation’s first district to drive public sector innovation from the inside out. iZone started with 81 schools, but now includes nearly 300.  Over the past three years, we’ve made great strides in enhancing the education system for students and teachers.