Companies: Apply to Pilot Your Product with a New York City School

Interested in partnering with a NYC school to pilot your edtech product?


The Short-Cycle Evaluation Challenge (SCEC) matches school teams with edtech software products based on the authentic classroom needs defined by teacher teams experienced with blended learning. Short-Cycle evaluations are semester-long studies that assess the impact of specific edtech software tools in regard to implementation and early indications of student learning.

Benefits: Partner with a school team to pilot, refine and evaluate your edtech product. As part of the SCEC, you will have the opportunity to:

    • Visit your partner school to observe firsthand how your product is being used by teachers and students.
    • Collaborate with teachers on product and implementation refinements.
    • Receive an independent, third-party evaluation of your product’s efficacy during the pilot.

Requirements: Eligible companies have a working product at the time of application and can commit the personnel and resources necessary to support a school pilot during Fall 2015. The full program includes up to three in-person Saturday workshops (August, October, and December) and a demo night in the winter for companies and schools to present the results of their collaboration.

Applications open the evening of Friday, May 15th and are due Tuesday, May 26th at 11 AM Eastern Time.


5/15-5/26: Apply

  • Complete your online application here.
  • Reserve 6/18 from 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM Eastern Time for Match Day. Companies that pass the initial application review will be invited to give online product demos (Google Hangout) and participate in Q&A with potential school team partners during this time.
    • Presenters of product demos should be able to effectively address curriculum/teaching & learning questions, tech/integration capabilities. We advise that presenters should not be sales representatives.

6/11: Check Application Status

  • Check your email to find out whether you have been invited to give an online product demo to school team(s).

6/18: Match Day

  • Give online product demos and participate in Q&A with interested school teams. School teams will be evaluating product demos in order to determine which companies they would like to be matched with for the SCEC.

Week of 6/22: SCEC School Teams and Company Matches Announced

  • Look out in your email inbox to find out whether you have been officially matched with a school team for SCEC 2015-16!


This section will be updated continuously based on questions from companies. Please review this page to have the most up-to-date information.

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Can I apply for more than one school need? Contact us if you’d like some guidance on which school need to apply to.

Do schools pay for the product during the pilot? Piloting through the SCEC is an unprecedented opportunity to build sustained relationships with teachers, as well as to receive an independent, third-party evaluation of your product’s efficacy which you can then share with other stakeholders. Therefore, we ask that companies provide their products for free during the duration of the pilot (Fall 2015), after which the schools are welcome to purchase the product for themselves.

Are companies outside of the US eligible? Absolutely! We only ask that at least one member of your team is present and participatory in all mandatory in-person sessions.

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