School Applications Open for Short-Cycle Evaluation Challenge


The Short-Cycle Evaluation Challenge (SCEC) matches teacher teams with edtech software products based on the authentic classrooms needs of the team. Short-Cycle evaluations are semester-long studies that assess the effects of edtech software in terms of implementation and early indications of student learning. For NYC educators, it’s an opportunity to shape new edtech tools and strengthen inquiry-based skills to find out what works in their classrooms.

Benefits: Work with your school team and a partner company to pilot, refine and evaluate an edtech product. Develop evaluative skills for your classrooms and collaborate with a like-minded community of schools and edtech partners. Workshops and out of school work is supported with per session.

Requirements: Eligible teams are comprised of 3-6 teachers from the same NYC K-12 public school, across any subjects or grades. Teams must have experience implementing blended learning, have access to hardware at their school, and have approval/support from school leadership. The full program will run for the 2015-2016 school year, including up to six Saturday workshops and a demo night; the first half of the year will center on evaluating an edtech product while the second half of the year will focus on inquiry-based skill building.

Interested in participating? Read about the application process below. All applications are due Sunday, 5/10/2015 at 11:59 PM. Note: Selected teams will be invited to a Match Day where they will choose which edtech product they’d like to pilot. Match Day is June 18th, 5:30-8:30 PM. At least two teachers from the team MUST be in attendance at that event. School leaders are strongly encouraged to attend.


Step 1: Assemble and Register Your Team — to do before applying

  • Recruit team members who may have similar challenges in their classroom (e.g. want to increase student engagement, improve access to quality ELA content, improve tracking of student mastery, etc.)
  • Identify a team leader to facilitate the team discussion (see Step 2) and act as the point person for team communications.
  • Talk to a school leader about the SCEC opportunity.
  • Register your team here. Applications will be emailed after registration.

Step 2: Team Discussion — to do before applying

  • Get together as a full team (every team member should be present).
  • Discuss what you’d like an edtech product to solve for your team using this protocol. The Team Discussion Protocol will guide your team to write a “challenge brief” that your team leader will submit as part of his/her application.
  • Come up with a unique team name.

Step 3: Apply! Within 24 hours of registering your team, every member of your team and your school leader will receive the Short Cycle Evaluation Challenge Application (sent by SurveyMonkey). Each member of the team and your school leader must submits his/her application by Sunday, 5/10/2015 at 11:59 PM. To preview the different applications, click on the links below:

Team Leader → here

Team Member → here

School Leader → here



Which teachers should we have on a team?

While there is no rule about who needs to be on a team, we’ve seen grade teams and content area teams be particularly successful because they already have mechanisms for working together in their school.

Can we have more than one team apply from a single school?

Absolutely! For example, a single school could have one team apply with a need for high quality science content while another team applies for better parent engagement tools in the sixth grade. The school leader can be the same for each team, but the teachers need to be different.

How do we write strong applications?

Be as specific as possible about your school when you write your challenge briefs. For example, if your school need is about differentiation, describe what type of differentiation your team is looking for. This piece on EdSurge, How Software Can Make a Differentiated Difference, has a good framework for thinking through different types of differentiation. In addition, be thoughtful about how this need applies to every member of your team given their teaching context (grade, subject, hardware, student population, etc.). For an example response, see the Team Discussion Protocol.

What was the SCEC like for previous school teams?

Watch now to hear from teachers about their SCEC experience last fall:

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2 Responses to “School Applications Open for Short-Cycle Evaluation Challenge”

  1. Helen Bruno-Raccuia

    Had such a great experience last year! We are putting together a team and plan to apply for next year.

    • SCEC Team

      Fantastic! We’re looking forward to your application!