Reflections on Blended Learning

This summer, 28 NYC teachers graduated from the Blended Learning Institute (BLI)—a certificate program developed by the iZone in partnership with Pace University and the NYC Teaching Fellows.

We designed the BLI program to support teachers’ capacity in applying blended learning strategies to support:

  • Teachingfacilitating a learner-driven classroom environment where multiple learning modalities can occur, with an emphasis on small group and individual student-teacher interactions.
  • Assessmentleveraging online tools for assessing student comprehension, learning needs and digital work.
  • Curriculumdeveloping and curating quality multimedia content to provide more student choice or flexibility.

In the second year of the program, teachers with less than three years of experience engaged in a reflection process to examine the effects of specific instructional strategies. Read more about their process and lessons learned on the Blended Learning Institute Teacher Reflections Tumblr.

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