Blended Learning Track

I learned so much in such a short amount of time and gained great insight into what it takes to become a successful teacher in the 21st century.

First Year BLI Teaching Fellow


In BLI’s Blended Learning Track, teachers learn how to effectively integrate digital and online content with traditional teacher-led instruction, in order to provide students with more personalized learning opportunities. Participants who successfully complete the program receive a certificate in Blended Learning from Pace University. The track is currently open to pre- and in-service teachers specializing in math or science instruction.

Pre-Service Teachers

The People: NYC Teaching Fellows entering their first year as math or science teachers.
The Program: A 2-year course program that includes an immersion experience in a blended learning classroom and ongoing mentoring to support new teachers in designing online curricula and implementing blended learning in their classrooms.

In-Service Teachers

The People: Current NYC middle or high school math or science teachers.
The Program: A 12-month course during which teachers design and implement a blended learning model that meets the individual strengths, needs, and motivations of their students.