Inviting educators and edtech entrepreneurs to design effective solutions

Challenges provide an intuitive way to work. It’s important we keep in mind that the best way to innovate is to pilot something, try it out, see what works and what doesn't, and not be afraid to admit that we don't have all the answers beforehand. — Cidalia Costa, West Prep Academy

iZone Challenges engage educators,  edtech professionals, and other stakeholders in the process of designing and testing solutions to real learning challenges in schools. Our school challenges allow school communities to design and test their own new ideas quickly, cheaply, and without risk to students’ progress.

In other challenge models, we pose an issue to the education technology sector to leverage resources, know-how, and investments to get better technology tools in the hands of teachers and students.  Compared with traditional approaches to program design, the iZone Challenge model:

  • Solicits ideas and opinions from people who are most directly impacted by an issue or problem
  • Speeds up the innovation process on the front end by uncovering a wide range of ideas, quickly and at low-cost
  • Creates new relationships among schools that can help promising practices spread quickly

Featured Challenges

Archived Challenges

  • iZone Kickoff Challenge

    Kick-Off Challenge

    Challenges are open calls for schools to identify real problems they wish to tackle, pose innovative solutions, and collaborate with a community of like-minded colleagues…

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    Gap App Challenge

    We issued the first district-sponsored software challenge and invited developers from across the country to submit ideas for apps that would help close the achievement…

  • iZone Essential Allies Challenge

    Essential Allies Challenge

    In November 2013, we launched the Essential Allies Challenge in collaboration with the Division of Family and Community Engagement to support iZone schools in developing…

  • iZone School Choice Design Challenge

    School Choice Design Challenge

    To help families and students better navigate the high school application process, the iZone invited six edtech companies to design and create more user-friendly applications…