Educators: Evaluate the Latest Edtech Products

Become an Edtech Evaluation Fellow and help us better solve your problems of practice by evaluating emerging education technology products.

If you’re a NYC teacher interested in working with cutting-edge edtech products, this is a great opportunity for you.  As part of a team of 2-5 teachers, you’ll plan and execute a 12-week pilot of one product intentionally matched to meet your group’s classroom needs.

HOW: Apply as a team of 2-5 teachers from one school with one “Team Leader” who will start the application process and coordinate with your school’s administration. The designated Team Leader is responsible for ensuring that all components of the application are complete and submitted on time.
10 total teams will be accepted- 5 teams for the Fall ’14 Cohort, 5 teams for the Spring ’15 Cohort.

WHEN: Applications turned in by 11:59 PM on Sunday, June 1st have priority standing. The final deadline for submitting applications is 11:59 PM on Tuesday, June 10th. Applications submitted after June 1st will only be reviewed pending open slots after the priority review.

APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS: Team Leaders can apply here. Once Team Leaders start an application, they can add additional teachers as members to the application.

Team Leaders need to:

  • Complete the Team Leader Application
  • Upload the Admin support letter
  • Submit the final application

Team members need to:

  • Complete the Team Member Application

The whole team may be invited to be part of a Finalist Interview if selected for participation.

ACCEPTANCE REQUIREMENTS: Once accepted, you’ll need to attend an opening workshop (TENTATIVE: Week of 8/25 for Fall Cohort), receive PD on your team’s edtech tool, and participate in evaluation (surveys, interviews, etc.).

Through the fellowship, you’ll gain recognition, access to cutting-edge technology, and new professional skills (supported with per session).


Building on the work of the Gap App Challenge, iZone is launching the Short-Cycle Evaluation Challenge with a call for Edtech Evaluation Fellows.  We work with NYC educators and startups to improve software for teaching and learning through demo sessions, teacher-led PD, software pilots, and other engaging activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the time and program requirements?
We will compensate with per session for all in-person workshops (not during school day; 2-4 days expected over a 4 month time period) and up to 4 hours per month of the 12-week (3 month) cycle for team work done.  Workshops will be scheduled by iZone; team work will be scheduled by the teams themselves with the software developer. Teams are expected to use the software during their school day (with students or parents or during their planning / grading depending on the software they are evaluating) to be able to evaluate it.

How do we write a strong application?
As you put together your team, consider demonstrating the following:

  • Have you critically thought through what kinds of problems tools might help your teachers solve?
  • Does the team have sufficient prior experience using blended learning, edtech tools and/or with other iZone projects?
  • Does your team have sufficient access to technology?
  • Will your school culture be supportive of the work?

Should we create teams of the same grade level or content area?
You should put together the team that you think would work best for your school. If your team is one of teachers in the same grade band, the products your school would pilot would most likely need to span different subjects as well. If your team is of teachers within the same subject, then you would be able to pilot products that are specifically focused on one subject. There are also products that span both grades and subjects; so again, feel free to put together the team that you think would work best for your school.

Who do I contact if I still have questions?
Please reach out to