Can I use my home/family computer to log in to iLearnNYC?

Yes, as long as you have internet access and the required software.  You can check your computer  to see if it has what it needs to use the iLearnNYC system.

You’ll also need to meet the different course vendors’ system requirements. Not to worry though, many of the course vendors will tell you what’s needed to use their site and often they’ll have links to any new products you need to operate their software.

If you find that certain documents won’t open, videos won’t play, or pictures are missing, you should check that vendor’s system requirements. You can usually find them by typing “system requirements” into the search box on the vendor’s site.

REMEMBER: iPads and other mobile devices will not play FLASH-based videos or “see” FLASH-based navigation and many of these vendors use FLASH.

Still Having A Problem?
Please call the iLearnNYC Help Desk at (718) 935-3075 or Submit an Online Incident.

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