Our Work

iZone sponsors projects with NYC schools, technology startups, and the Department of Education.


School Challenges

iZone Challenges inspire school teams to identify real problems they wish to tackle, design innovative solutions, and connect with a team of like-minded colleagues to accelerate the work. Learn how our Challenges spark ground-up solutions in our schools.

Innovate NYC Schools

Innovate NYC Schools connects the edtech and educator communities to solve education’s most pressing challenges. See how Innovate NYC Schools is impacting the marketplace.


iLearnNYC is an online platform supporting over 250 schools to leverage the power of online and blended learning, providing tools, curriculum, training, and more. See how iLearnNYC schools use digital tools to help students succeed.

Blended Learning Institute

The Blended Learning Institute prepares teachers to lead 21st Century classrooms, and equips them with the skills to make the most of today’s digital tools and online content. Learn more about the two-year certificate program we offer.

iZone Academy

iZone Academy is the first NYC school to exist independently of a school building. Find out how our students learn through real-life opportunities across the city.

School of One

School of One redesigns the math classroom, complimenting teacher-led instruction with student collaboration, online curriculum and virtual tutors to better address the needs of each individual student. Read more about this customized approach.

Asynchronous Learning Pilot

The iZone is piloting a promising approach with nine NYC high schools, which leverages technology and enables students to move through school at their own pace, rather than in fixed cohorts and grades. Check out more details on the pilot.