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Tapping the potential of technology to prepare students for college and careers.

iLearnNYC is a blended learning program where online content complements in-class teaching and allows students more control over the pace at which they learn, where they learn, and what they learn.

Currently available to over 30,000 NYC students across 250+ schools, iLearnNYC reaches today’s generation of tech-savvy students with relevant, engaging content to prepare them for college and beyond.

Schools participating in iLearnNYC receive support and resources including a state-of-the-art online platform, access to rigorous academic content, technical support, and professional development. With iLearnNYC:

  • Students access their coursework anytime, anywhere, so they can learn outside of the classroom.
  • Teachers meet the needs of each student with the support of technology, and can more easily share materials and resources with colleagues.
  • Schools are supported 24/7 through an online help desk.




iLearnNYC Knowledge Base: iLearnNYC Webiste

iLearn Case Studies

A Roadmap for Implementation of Blended Learning at the School Level: A Case Study of the iLearnNYC Lab Schools



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