Inside Look: EAC, Round II

Round II of iZone’s Essential Allies Challenge (EAC) consisted of 20 school Finalists. The schools were grouped by the types of new ideas they have about parent and family engagement that they would implement in Spring 2014.  Groups included, but were not limited to: 

  • Pop Up Parent Engagement: schools brought educators into parents’ communities, rather than asking parents come to schools to meet with teachers
  • App Testers: schools gave parents remote access to important student and school data, announcements, and community engagement opportunities
  • Engaging Allies Through Media: schools leveraged new websites, live media streaming, how-to video tutorials, video newsletters, and Google Hangouts to engage parents near and far

Schools worked together to test and refine their ideas before sharing their successes and learnings with the larger community. They attended three Affinity Group meetings to build upon their work. 

EAC Affinity Group Snapshots from iZone Schools on Vimeo.

Resources from the EAC Affinity Group

As the school year draws to a close, schools continue to reflect and iterate on their prototypes with the aim of continuing them next year.