For Educators

Calling all forward-thinking education professionals

Design and test new learning models, master the basics of design thinking, guide software developers in creating new tools for your school – these are just a few of the benefits of partnering with the iZone.

Ways to get involved

Learn a new approach to problem-solving through an iZone Challenge. Identify a real problem in your school community, and we’ll guide you in designing an innovative solution and connect you with like-minded peers.

Effectively use blended learning at your school with support from iLearnNYC. 250 schools are already leveraging the power of online and blended learning through iLearnNYC by taking advantage of its tools, curriculum, training, and other resources.

Connect with like-minded peers committed to exploring innovative teaching and learning models at Innovation Exchange (iX) events.

Offer your insight to edtech developers at a shark tank. Share your on-the-ground perspective to help edtech developers create tools that support real challenges in your classroom

…And more- the choice is yours!

Innovation Exchange

Innovation Exchange (iX) unites curious professionals who are committed to innovation in education.

Affinity Groups

Connect with like-minded educators around a particular innovative practice or idea, like 1:1 academic coaching, flipped classrooms, or using social media in schools.

Computer Science Track

BLI’s Computer Science Track is an exciting opportunity for teachers to develop core computer science skills while implementing a national curriculum.