Our version of an immersion experience

iZone’s annual iCamp is an unique opportunity for educators to learn about design thinking and innovation in education.

Each year, educators face challenges that leave them wondering how schools can better serve students. iCamp is their chance to team up with like-minded colleagues to unpack the problems that matter most to them and their schools. It’s where inspiration, innovation, and radical collaboration meet in action.

iCamp provides educators with an opportunity to collaborate around common and systemic issues, while also enabling them to test out new ideas and models to surface solutions. Educators participate in workshops, hear from experts in the fields of education and design, and learn from one another during camper-driven break-out sessions. Throughout iCamp, attendees use the design thinking process to collaboratively problem-solve real challenges faced in their communities.

See What iCamp is All About

iCamp 2014 from iZone on Vimeo.