Definitions and Resources

iZone Innovation Challenges

iZone Innovation Challenges engage educators,  edtech professionals, and other stakeholders in the process of designing and testing solutions for real learning challenges in schools. Our challenge process invites school communities to design and test new ideas quickly and without risk to students’ progress. Learn more about our challenges here.

User Centered Design (UCD) in the iZone

Borrowed from the world of design, UCD can be characterized as a problem solving process that focuses on the end user. In education, we use UCD to reflect on the needs, wants, and limitations of our “end users”- usually teachers, students, families, or other members of the school community- as we rethink some aspect of school- a tool, curriculum, process, etc.

UCD requires research, analysis and rapid prototyping, rather than whole school implementation. At each stage in the process, users provide feedback to inform our next steps.

Interested in learning more? Check out these resources:

School Design Teams

A “design team” usually consists of 2-5 members, including teachers, administrators, school staff, parents and/or students. We usually recommend that at least one team member be a school administrator. The design team leads the challenge work on behalf of their school community